At TeleUSAMed, more than 450 highly skilled doctors, researchers, nurses and technicians care for thousands of patients each year. TeleUSAMed unites clinicians and researchers in “insert” Cancer Institute and in TeleUSAMed’s 26 other clinical and surgical institutes, as well as cancer specialists at our regional hospitals, health centers.

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Our cancer center provides a range of services to patients including clinical trials and internationally-recognized cancer research efforts ensuring patients have access to the latest advances in cancer treatment, as well as a range of support programs helping patients navigate the challenges associated with a cancer diagnosis.

The multidisciplinary approach used at top cancer centers like TeleUSAMed brings the expertise of several specialists, including surgeons, pathologists, oncologists, radiation therapists, nurses, social workers and others, to bear in customizing treatment for each patient. This collaboration also means that you will get the care you need right away, rather than waiting between appointments with various specialists.

TeleUSAMed can help answer questions you have about cancer, schedule appointments for consultation with a physician, provide a cancer treatment plan, support you and promote your well-being during your treatment and your life beyond treatment.

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