Our staff is dedicated to exploring ways to improve the care of these patients and to teaching the best methods for treating them. Our diabetes and endocrinology services are continually ranked in the top ten in the nation by U.S.News & World Report. Our multidisciplinary institute is made up of more than 30 staff physicians, 18 fellows, 80 medical assistants, diabetes educators, secretaries, patient service representatives, coders, administrators and managers, working together to provide the finest care in the country.

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This service allows patients a fast, secure and easy way to receive care from their healthcare team in a live virtual visit using a smartphone (iPhone or Android), tablet or computer. The benefits of choosing a virtual visit include no travel or parking, less waiting, significant time savings, no facility fee and the convenience of seeing your physician from wherever you choose.

Diabetes statistics indicate that 20.8 million people — 7 percent of the population — have the disease; however, only 14.6 million people have been diagnosed. That means that as many as 6.2 million people have diabetes and don’t know it. If you believe you may have diabetes, get diagnosed! If you believe you may have been misdiagnosed, get a second opinion!

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